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AutoUnite is an online platform to research new car information, out the door prices from real people and share your experience. Explore Out the Door Prices, Comprehensive Research Tool.

What is AutoUnite ?

AutoUnite is the answer to the best price out the door and a better car buying experience for all.

AutoUnite is a platform to empower members to share auto related experiences & prices through our interactive categories.

Members also have access to an all in one stop location for all their car research needs.

Explore Out the Door Prices

Rather than spending hours researching and contacting dealers our platform makes it easy to find real prices from real people using our interactive Real Prices and Experience category which includes out the door prices from other members that share their auto buying experience.

Comprehensive Research Tool

AutoUnite provides a Comprehensive Research tool to give our members full access to in-depth auto information in our Compare & Review category.

Narrow down your search options by price, location, dealer, trim, date or your own search option to make it easier to find information that you are researching through our category sections.

Share Your Experience

Share Your Experience with AutoUnite in five categories

Model Information
Members will discuss model information for their selected vehicle.

Real Prices & Experiences
Members will browse out the door prices and their experience submitted by the AutoUnite community.

Members will browse lease monthly payments shared by the AutoUnite community.

Finance & Insurance
Members will share insights on their experience and information in finance department at the dealership.

Members will provide information maintaining their vehicle through the service department.

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