About Auto Unite


Welcome to AutoUnite which is a vehicle research platform that has been created to empower you, the customers, with the correct and up to date prices and information on new and used vehicles, provided to us by people just like you. Due to our automotive industry background, we understand the frustrations and hardships you guys have to go through each time you set out to search for reliable and useful auto-related information. We realized that there is a lot of biased and misinformation which puts auto customers at a disadvantage, we also know that many of the popular automotive information websites provide dealerships controlled pricing, which usually benefits the dealers and not the buyers. AutoUnite changes all of this by facilitating customer to customer exchange of auto-related information to empower new and used car buyers to make well-informed purchasing decisions.

Here, on AutoUnite you will be able to search out information about your desired vehicle within seconds, we have designed the platform to be easier to use and quicker than all other vehicle information research methods out there. We want you to save the needless hours of research time, so you can spend more time enjoying your new ride. Use the exclusive AutoUnite automotive information search tool to find about "Out the Door Prices", Lease Payments, F&I, Service, Parts & Accessories and actual reviews of vehicles by customers not paid authors.

The AutoUnite website and its concept are the products of Kenny Smith and Jino Song, who have a combined experience in the automotive industry for over 25 years. They have managed one of the premier top 100 dealerships in the country, therefore are well-versed with the ins and outs of this particular industry. They founded AutoUnite in the year 2015 and wanted the platform to combine their own knowledge of the industry, social media, forums, blogs and an auto research center all into one site. Our vision for this platform was to give people the power to share prices and information on new vehicles to help others. Our mission is to provide the public with a platform where they can share their personal auto related experience to help other buyers make an informed purchase decision

We invite you to take a look at our streamlined website, feel free to share your experiences and information with us and our readers.